Malcolm Elliott

Malcolm Elliott

Malcolm Elliott

Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA)
Malcolm Elliott, (B Ed, M Ed, TTC, MAICD) is the president of the Australian Primary Principals Association Ltd. He has been in this role for nearly two years. Prior to that he was president of the Tasmanian Principals Association for four years and served on the National Executive Council of the Australian Government Primary Principals Association, the Board of the Australian Secondary Principals Association and the National Advisory Council of APPA.

A teacher for forty-two years, Malcolm cares deeply about the importance of teaching, school leadership, equity, fairness and opportunity for all children. Malcolm has recently joined the Board of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership.

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Introducing Broadcast

Earlier this year the founding directors of SchoolTV, proposed a new model of communication for principal associations that would allow all to be represented through one digital platform – as a cohesive group, and as individual entities. This new format will allow a new level of research, data analysis, reporting and ongoing discussion across the nation’s school leaders.

Tue, 09/03/2021 - 11:29AM